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Finished floors are a major investment for any business or commercial establishment. Hiring a professional cleaning company for the office cleaning is an absolutely must. One of the things you can do to protect finished floors is to implement a comprehensive program of mats.

Using mats for the outdoor area or for foyer and entryway does make a lot of difference. Mats get rid of much of the dirt, dust and debris from shows, and make sure that the inside of the room – such as the finished floors – are well protected. Using mats will ensure that all the dirt and the moisture are completely kept away from the office.

At Clean Office Plus, we offer a number of commercial cleaning and office cleaning services that improves the appearance of your floors. Our janitorial services, professional cleaning and daily office cleaning services are affordably priced, which is so important given that there’s so much pressure on businesses to cut costs and work within a fixed budget in the current economic environment.

Hiring Our Professional Cleaning Company Boosts the Productivity and Efficiency at Your Office or Commercial Establishment

Gym floors are always in demand – somebody is always working out in the gym. It’s like they are a living and breathing organism! Gym floors take a lot of beating, especially those in schools and sporting facilities. They take a beating even when you don’t have a game or an event scheduled. Well, so many things happen in the gym, such as basketball practice. The gym floors in K-12 schools are used for several purposes other than sports.

It is the school’s responsibility to make sure that the gym floor remains in a great condition. This is important because a cleaner floor lasts longer. Gym floods need to be cleaned in various stages – such as daily care, intermediate care, which involves screening and re-coating and restorative care, which involves sanding.

Now, most gym floors are refinished on a regular basis as they get damaged over time. The average life expectancy of a gym floor with vinyl tile flooring is usually 15 years and that for wood flooring is 50 years. This number holds true only if daily cleaning is done on a regular basis, otherwise it can be much less than that. The damage is usually in the form of moisture and water damage or as a result of frequent sanding, which could be because a water-based finish breaks down faster than an oil finish. If the paint and the finish that are used are not compatible, this can damage the flooring too. When this happens, refinishing is the only way out.



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